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The time of world revolution is drawing near (social forecasting: winter 2014-2015)

The time of world revolution is drawing near (social forecasting: winter 2014-2015)

Maybe we should look for new approaches to reduce the tension in the relationship between the EU and Russia

Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Die Kanzlerin hat ihre Putin-Strategie geändert, Die Welt, 16 November 2014

There is constructive activity and there is the destructive…We can start to connect the stars, then, see our constellation, and identify the costs of a consistent pattern of destructive behavior on Washington’s part here, there and everywhere. Specific to the case, the Sino-Russian energy deals cannot possibly be taken as other than long-term responses to the West’s renewal of Cold War hostilities toward Russia and its refusal to countenance China’s emergence. More narrowly, Putin wants an Iran deal to demonstrate Russia’s importance as a global player, yes, but he is not so far from fed up even there. The obvious question is what we are watching as all these events unfold and then coalesce into a single reality. This peculiar moment seems to make this reality clear. Nostalgic for the period of primacy known as the American Century, the U.S. cannot accept its passing. Logically enough, the task becomes essentially destructive of the world as it is aborning — an effort, in the end, to destroy history itself.

Patrick L. Smith, What really happened in Beijing: Putin, Obama, Xi — and the back story the media won’t tell you, Salon, 14 November 2014

The time of world revolution is drawing near. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates call themselves the Islamic State, but then suddenly a fundamentalist Islamic State appears that is directed primarily against them. ISIS has about 10,000 Saudis – they are fundamentalist jihadists from Saudi Arabia. They already say that their prime goal is to topple the rotten and corrupt regime in Saudi Arabia. Ultimately, we are entering a very interesting period. This is not a geopolitical or a  global economic period – this is an ideological period. Once again, we are entering the period of ideological wars. Religious wars are one of the most acute forms of ideological war. Ideological wars always last till the end.

Shamil Sultanov, ISIS starts new era in the history of mankind, Pravda, 23 September 2014


A Big Reset is close at hand (Sex, Drugs and G.D.P., New York Times, 16 June 2014), but so is a Global Insurrection (e.g. Mexico, Greece, France, Belgium, United States, Italy,Spain…even Japan, not to mention Venezuela, Ukraine/Novorussia, Hong Kong and the Arab world).

As these events unfold, in the foolish, self-defeating pursuit of Full-Spectrum Dominance, a wedge has been driven between Europe and Russia, to slow down the rise of the BRICS and undermine the euro, thereby hoping to salvage the US economy prospects, burdened by $17 trillion dollars of debt, and protecting the petrodollar as the world’s reserve currency at all costs (The dollar’s 70-year dominance is coming to an end, Telegraph, 19 July 2014; The demise of the dollar, Independent, 6 October 2009). All this in spite of the repeated, suicidal adding of liquidity via QE which is not geared towards investment, development and production of jobs and useful goods, and therefore equals more debt and a worthless currency.

Now, inevitably, more and more nations are moving away from the dollar and when the world will stop trading energy in US dollars, everything will be crushing down, in the States as in Britain (and Mexico > Mexico: protesters clash with police over missing student teachers – in pictures, Guardian, 21 November 2014).

The US entropic strategy of sowing strife, chaos and instability and dropping the price of oil, compliments of the Saudis, to hurt Russia, Venezuela and Iran will fail (Venezuela and Russia Discuss Coordinating to Defend Oil Price, Bloomberg, 17 November 2014; Saudi Arabian Shares Drop Fourth Day on Oil Slump; Qatar Gains, Bloomberg, 16 November 2014), helping cement a broader pan-Eurasian alliance (Platzeck fordert Annexion der Krim zu legalisieren, Tagesspiegel, 18 November 2014; Deutsche Firmen befürchten Enteignung, Frankfurter Allgemeine, 16 November 2014; European leaders fear growth of Russian influence abroad, Guardian, 17 November 2014; Why the US Is Trying to Squash China’s New Development Bank, the Diplomat, 10 October 2014; China’s Asian Bank may herald a new world order, the Nation, 18 November 2014; Top North Korean envoy in Moscow for Putin talks, 18 November 2014).

Putin is exploiting the situation to reform the deeply conservative Russian society and economy (Putin Said to Stun Advisers by Backing Corruption Crackdown, Bloomberg, 19 November 2014; Kicking Russia Out of SWIFT Actually Weakens Western Hegemony, Russia Insider, 20 November 2014) and, while in Brisbane for the G20 summit, to plan the future of Europe with his Western partners (Merkel, Putin talk as G20 debates Ukraine, Deutsche Welle, 15 November 2014; Putin meets with Merkel, Juncker, Interfax, 15 November 2014).


Meanwhile, China is marching westward (We are all connected. Then and now, WazArs, 16 November 2014) and hundreds of Bosnians, Kosovars, Macedonians, Albanians and Western Europeans are joining the Caliphate (ISIS Recruits in the Balkans: Out of the Frying Pan and into the Jihadi Fire, CafèBabel, 19 September 2014).

ISIS may well be defeated on the ground, but it will be only temporary, because these fighters embody a messianic spirit, a desire for an Islamic resurrection which drives millions of Muslims against Western hypocrisy, corruption, exploitation and iniquity.

Like fascism before it, this pan-Islamic caliphate has become the symbol of a “successful” alternative to mechanistic, consumerist and infantilising Western colonialism. It is triumphing because – alas! – the authentic social revolution that could have been the Arab Spring has been nipped in the bud.

ISIS is a brand of Islamist fascism, or a Puritan revolution within Islam, that privileges Umma over Sharia. It defies the Saudi religious authority, which they consider – with good reason – hopelessly corrupt and ultimately anti-Islamic. As fascism emerged in the West and in Japan because of imbalances in the transition to modernity, this Islamic fascism, in combination with an increasingly aggressive posture on the part of NATO, has what it takes to unleash hell and, unwittingly, a global revolution. Ankara, Riyadh, Doha, Manama, Amman, Kuwait City, Cairo and Tel Aviv might well become engulfed in one of the biggest upheavals in human history, one that will destroy the status quo and, eventually, consume the Caliphate itself (Shamil Sultanov, ISIS starts new era in the history of mankind, Pravda, 23 September 2014).

There is no doubt in my mind that, eventually, Washington and its hectoring satellites will suffer an epic, history changing defeat at the hand of the emerging powers, tired of dealing with bullying and the fraudulent undervaluation of their economies, assets and labour, but also of “unruly subjects” (‘I want Spain out of Nato’: Podemos leader, Local.es, 17 November 2014; Dominique de Villepin, The Art of Intervention: Diplomacy and Deployment after Iraq, University of Chicago – 14 November 2014; Half of German gold reserves will be stored in Germany by 2020, Handelsblatt, 19 February 2014).

Once again, the age-old question of who gets the gold (and the other precious metals) (Meet the American Banker Who Helped Hitler Loot Jewish Gold—While Spying for the OSS, Tablet, 30 August 2013; A Major International Monetary Crisis is Looming: The Suppression of Gold and Silver? Is COMEX being Cornered? Global Research, 25 November 2014; HSBC and Goldman sued for allegedly fixing metal price, BBC, 26 November 2014).
A day will come, when China, Russia, India, the European Union will decalre how many tons of REAL gold are in their possession. On that basis the market will determine the value of their respective currencies and that will be the end of the dollar as world reserve currency.

Countries that recognise Palestine as a state

Countries that recognise Palestine as a state

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