Ukraine: resurrection or martyrdom?
Resurrection or Martyrdom?

Ukraine: resurrection or martyrdom?

These protests were supposed to be about democracy. Yet the democratically-elected President has been removed by a rent-a-mob (that’s called ochlocracy – mob rule – the degenerate, final stage of democracy) and a dangerous precedent has been set:  did you lose the elections? You don’t like the government? Why wait until the next elections when you can take to the streets?

The interim government is the expression of a ragtag army of the Ukrainian equivalent of Golden Dawn (a rabbi has advised all Jews to leave Ukraine), a former boxer, a profiteer, a geek and various opportunists. This will likely lead to an internecine struggle.

They were supposed to be about the fight against corruption, but now it looks like Yulia Timoshenko, former business partner of Lazarenko, convicted in 2004 of money laundering and corruption in the United States, previously condemned for abuse of authority for signing overpriced gas contracts with Russia, is presumably going to be the next Ukrainian leader.

They were supposed to be about freedom, but Russian, Rumanian and Hungarian have now been stripped of their status as regional official languages, Svoboda has proposed a “temporary” ban on Russian channels, and the ousted president’s party has been banned in Chernivtsi, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk, together with the communist party

We were told that Ukraine had its best chance to “free itself from the Russian yoke” and from Putin’s friend Yanukovych. But Putin detests him (too unreliable) and Yanukovych’s wealthiest sponsor,  Akhmetov, lives in London, not in Moscow. In the past, the Russian president called for Yulia’s release.

Furthermore, Western Ukraine is extremely poor and has been subsidized by the Russian-speaking regions on a permanent basis. It is also heavily reliant on Russian energy distribution.

Revolution was also about the pursuit of happiness and prosperity for millions of Ukrainians. However, what awaits them is the well-known International Monetary Fund shock therapy (i.e. Greece-style austerity package): “We will be ready to engage, ready to help” (Christine Lagarde), and a sovereign default, as Russia has frozen the second tranche of a large loan to Ukraine.

Finally, the revolt was about joining Europe and therefore sought to depose Yanukovych, even though “Yanukovych cajoled and bullied anyone who pushed for Ukraine to have closer ties to Russia

Things are far from clear-cut, the situation is volatile and another coup cannot be ruled out.

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