We the People 2014

We the People 2014

A nation exists primarily to protect a society and the foremost government’s mission is providing citizens with the conditions in which they can flourish spiritually and materially.

An ideal society is one in which the government will endeavor to ensure that those conditions of freedom, equality, justice, brotherhood are in place, that sustain human beings in their quest for happiness, prosperity and the inner truth of consciousness.

What ought to be glaringly obvious even to the most myopic believer in the status quo is that most advanced democracies are not living up to their professed principles: iniquity, total surveillance, massive economic disparities (the richest 85 people across the globe share a combined wealth equivalent to the one owned by half the world’s population), permanent belligerence, the pursuit of global supremacy (a.k.a. “full spectrum dominance”) labour exploitation, unrestrained materialism and hedonism, violence, hubris, fear and meaningless electoral sideshows. Not a pretty picture.

As George Orwell memorably put it in his marvellous “Animal Farm”: “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which”.

The fact is that no government can succeed without the assistance of citizens of good will, discernment and virtue. But if governments themselves appear to be utterly unable to set a good example and to prevent power – which is indeed corrupting when ruled by certain desires such as envy, greed, vanity, hatred, selfishness – from falling into the hands of the few, then ordinary citizens are required to hold them accountable and become the change they wish to see in the world.

Now, it is clear to me that global change can only be achieved gregariously. Only a great deal of people striving cooperatively with discipline and persistency, humility and sacrifice, overcoming the pernicious us vs. them mindset and the drive to possess, control, dominate, are likely to bring about solid and meaningful results.

I believe this is the spirit informing Mike Malone (Golem XIV, January 27 2014) declaration “We the People…”, which I gladly repost on FuturAbles:

We the People:

Will not accept taxation for the purpose of paying off, even temporarily, private banking or other financial debts.

We will not accept the rulings of international arbitration panels on which our interests are not represented and which are convened on the basis of Bilateral Investment Treaties about which we were not consulted.

We will do not recognize the right of bond holders of ANY standing to be given seniority over the tax payers and people of a nation. We will NOT bail them out.

We reserve the sovereign right to decide in the event of another financial crisis, who does not get paid, whose wealth is annulled. It is not for the unelected market and its experts to tell us.

We, the people do not accept the right or authority of private or unaccountable State organizations to collect, hold or use private data gathered by any means that the law and courts have not specifically and publically granted.

We do not accept the legitimacy of any private law enforcement body.

We do not accept that there is any justification for secret or unaccountable bodies to hold any power over us. We simply do not recognize they have any legitimacy.

We will not tolerate military actions taken in secret without any parliamentary and public accountability and permission.

We reserve the absolute right to hold to public and legal account any leader who takes actions which disregard the above. No elected official is above the law and no leader has the power to acquit those the courts have proceeded against.

No organization is above or outside the law.

We the People do not accept that any organization is too big to prosecute or too big to fail. Any organization that becomes so or remains so despite this clear instruction, and then fails, forfeits its entire worth to the public purse at a post bankruptcy price.

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